Hi everyone,
I wanted to let everyone know I will be removing the inventory from my
shopping cart Sunday Night. So if you wanted to place an order for one of
the sewn to order customs do it now! Or you’ll have to wait until I
reopen in February.
Which brings me to my next piece of news!
We are moving. Yes, I am moving again. lol But this time we are
actually moving to WI! We won’t be leaving until the end of January,
but I’ll need the time off to pack up our life in Oregon.
I’m really thrilled about the move. We will be living 15min from my
parents! I can’t wait to be able to visit with my family!
All orders will be completed and shipped by Christmas.
And if I find I have extra time, I might sew an instock or two.
I just wanted to thank everyone for their support & patience!
I truly appreciate it!

Have a great weekend!
Dream Carriers, LLC