Hi everyone! Here is my sewing schedule for this week. I realize the week is almost half over, but i’ve been waiting for emails from people to see how this week would turn out. Right now I only have a couple I can sew, because i’m still waiting to hear back from a few people. If you check the database you’ll see if i’m expecting an email from you before I can work on your order.

For now here are the ones i’ll be sewing-

Michelle’s WT, Tara’s WT, Kellie’s SSDC & Stephanie’s 1/2 buckle.

For those that i’m waiting to hear from…

If I haven’t heard back from people by the 25th, you will have to wait for me to move and sew your carrier after I move.  I wanted to have everything done before moving, but if you don’t email me, I can’t work on the carrier.

Thank you!