Good Morning Everyone!

I have been noticing that the people on the wait list have been on there so long that they no longer are needing a carrier.
I realize I had high hopes of sewing a lot more than I was actually able to last year.
Due to this, I am going to do away with the wait list, and just continue to offer custom slots on a bi-weekly basis.
I am sure most if not all of you know I am pregnant and expecting a new little one in October.
My plans as of right now are to continue to sew up until i’m around 36 weeks. But then I will be closing indefinitely. I can’t foresee a time in the future where i’d be able to sew with two children. I know many wahm’s do it, but I want to be able to devote as much time as I can to my new little one as well as my older daughter.
I just wanted to put that out there, so people know if they want a custom, they have until September 1st to order, but after that you probably will not be able to order a Dream Carrier.

Now I must go sew! 🙂
Many thanks to all of you!
Dream Carriers