Hi All,
I decided to list 3 full customs on Monday and I am actually skipping the 29th stocking. I want to have a week of no sewing in July for my vacation and if I stock on the 29th i’ll still be sewing through the end of July.
So this will be the last of the custom slots until I reopen in August. I also stocked some semi customs recently.
I’ve had questions from some regarding the semi custom slots.
The semi customs are just what it says. The reason it isn’t a full custom is because I pick the print and strap fabric. If I specify it has to be a certain style, such as an original full buckle, it is because the fabric is cut for an original full buckle. In some cases I might not have enough of a strap fabric for a half buckle or mei tai.
So please do not purchase the slot without reading the listing fully!
If you want a full custom, please wait for the custom slots on Monday.

I hope that helps!
Thank you all!