Hi everyone,
I have gotten some feedback and i’m going to be tweaking the waist band
a bit. I’m still planning on doing 3 sizes, but the measurements will
be a bit bigger.

Here are the new 3pc waist measurements-

Small- 24in – 48in
Medium- 29in – 52in
Large- 34in – 57in

I will be sewing all outstanding testers with the new measurements.

I have opened the custom database to the group. If you have a custom
slot and want to test the waist, please put “waist tester” in the tester
info category. Please also include the size you would like.
The 3pc waist does Not include a pocket. The pocket is going to be an
add on, and if you want to test the pocket it is $5.

I am not looking for any Neo testers right now. Just people to test the
new waist.

I will leave the custom database open for the group indefinitely. I
might start having you put your order right in the database, since that
will save me so much time!
If you have purchase a custom recently and don’t see your name in the
correct database, please feel free to add it, along with your custom
order info.

I’m just about to head downstairs to start sewing for the day, but
wanted to let you all know i’m still waiting on my strap fabric. So if
you have black or brown straps on your carrier, it is in the waiting
I will continue working on all other carriers with different strap
fabric. So if i’m going out of order, this is why. I’ve also started
doing some batch sewing, so that puts them out of order as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

If I don’t get enough people willing to test on their current custom, I
will list tester slots later tonight.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their time & patience through this
testing process! I’m hoping it is all worth it in the end!

Have a great day!