I am going to be doing longer padding in the 3pc waists and just posted a poll that i’m hoping will help with the sizing.
If I can’t get the sizing down this time around, i’ll just stick with one size and there will not be a small or large size.

Here are the ‘new’ measurements-

Small- recommended for size 8 & under- 28-50in
please note, 28in is as small as it goes(including the 2in buckle). This would be your hip measurement.

Medium- recommended for sizes 10-14- 32-54in

Large- recommended for sizes 14 & up- 36in – 58in

I will be doing two more testers of each size.

I will be posting the semi custom testers on my cart sometime this morning.

Since I am really trying to get this figured out and want to get these out asap, I am not accepting any custom fabric.

You will get to choose the body style, but I will be picking out print strap combos.

These testers will receive a $10 discount when you purchase the slot, if you enter code- waist10
You will also get a $20 discount code toward a future order once I receive your feedback.