Dream Carriers will be reopening on January 4th, 2010! I will be listing 4 custom slots, 2 listing at 10am EST and the other 2 listing at 2pm EST.
The plan is to offer custom slots on a weekly basis.
The new wait time will be 2-4 weeks from the time I receive your fabric & you have entered your complete order into the custom order database, which is found in my Yahoo group.
If you purchase a custom, you must join the group to fill in your custom order info.
I work off of the database, so if you don’t fill in your order, I can’t sew your order.
The new prices for the Neo are listed on the product info page.
The Neo comes with contoured shoulder straps, dual adjustable side release shoulder strap buckles, a supportive, structured 3 peice waist band, a webbing chest strap(fabric chest strap available for an additional $4) & elastic at the webbing ends to roll up loose webbing. You also have the option of adding a waist pocket to the Neo waist for an additional cost.

I have also changed my website a bit. I am always looking to make it more user friendly, so if anyone ever has any advice, you’re welcome to email me! dreamcarriers@gmail.com

Thank you everyone!!
Have a great new year!