Morning all,
I wanted to make everyone aware of the stocking/listing changes that will be taking place from here on out for custom slots.

I will be listing all slots in the future as “Buy Now” slots.
What this means for you is you won’t have to make all the custom decisions before your slot is purchased. It also means as soon as you click “BUY NOW” you will be expected to pay for it. Do not click buy now if you are not ready to send payment.
Buy now slots usually sell out faster as well, since no choices are being made at checkout. So be ready at stocking time! 🙂
And in case you don’t know, all stocking times listed on my cart are EST.

This will also help me by eliminating overselling slots. 🙂

One more slot is up for this afternoon, which is not a BUY NOW. That will start next week.

Thank you all!!