Good morning everyone!

In celebration of my birthday today, I have finished up the petite toddler traveling Neo.
You can see a photo of it in the traveling Neo album in my Yahoo group.
You must join the Yahoo group to participate in the traveling Neo.

If you have tried a Neo, this is a little different.
The waist strap is slightly contoured compared to the straight 3pc waist. And I think it might be a tad wider. I drew up a new pattern with a contoured bottom to match the contoured waist and I think the base might have gotten a tad bigger. For this reason, i’d recommend signing up only if you have a baby over 6mo old. Even at 6mo, it might be too big. Depends on the baby. I saw a newborn in a petite toddler dc, so you never know! 🙂
I wore my almost 4yr old for a good 30min this morning. *Weightless*! I loved it.
So i’d love to get feedback from people who have younger children! 🙂

Here are the rules/requirements-

* Must have a minimum of 5 positive itrader rating on TBW(or similar rating on ebay/DS/etc)
* Host is responsible for paying for the flat rate shipping & insurance ($12.95) to get the Neo to them.
* Host family can keep the carrier to use for up to 7 days.
* When the next family is up, the current host is responsible for getting the shipping $ from the next host and shipping the Neo in a flat rate priority box with insurance to the next host on the list. Please note, if you go to the post office to ship it, it will cost $10.70 vs $10.20 for flat rate. So if you can, print the shipping label at home, it is easy since it is a flat rate box. The boxes are free at the PO.
* Shipping is $10.20 plus $2.75 for insurance, making the total $12.95 to try it for a week. 🙂
* Please take photos of the Neo while you have it at your home. I would love to see how it fits different children & parents. It is so much easier to fix/alter things if I can see how it works on someone. 🙂 You can privately email me the photos and I will not use them on my website unless you give me specific permission to do so.
* In addition to the photos, I will be sending out feedback forms for you to fill out.
* If the carrier becomes damaged/lost/stolen while in your possession, you will be responsible to pay $150 for the replacement of the carrier.
* I have created a database for you to sign up. Please fill it out completely. This is where the info will be kept. I will arrange the names in order of location once the list is closed.
* I will accept up to 15 names. Keep in mind, if you end up at the end of the list, it will be 15 weeks before you see the carrier. That is assuming everyone stays on time with shipping! I will close the list when it hits 15.

I think that covers it. If I missed something, please let me know.
This list is for US customers first and if there is room we could add Canada after it finishes traveling the US. First class international to Canada will be about the same price. And then i’m unsure how much it would cost someone in Canada to ship to another Canadian mama. Maybe someone here can chime in. 🙂
After Canada, I have no problem sending it to the UK or Australia if there is interest there. Just let me know. 🙂
About the Neo-
The Neo is the newest Dream Carrier. It comes with contoured shoulder straps, dual adjustable side release shoulder strap buckles, a supportive, structured 3 piece contoured waist band, a webbing chest strap & elastic at the webbing ends to roll up loose webbing. Because the shoulder straps are contoured they are worn uncrossed with the chest strap in a front carry.
The waist adjusts from approx 29in – 60in.

Please let me know if you have any questions!
Thank you!