I’m always trying to make ordering a Dream Carrier easier for people.

I know all the options can be confusing to new customers, so i’m going to try to give you a guide below.

  1. Decide if you’d like a Mei Tai( 4 tying straps, no buckles), a Half Buckle(shoulder straps tie, waist buckles), or a Full Buckle(all straps buckle, no tying).
  2. Select the body design/size you’d like. This is determined by the size of your baby that you will want to carry. You can see the previous post for what I recommend for different ages.
  3. Decide if you plan on using the carrier for primarily front or back carries. If you plan on doing an equal amount of both, i’d suggest the straight shoulder straps. If you know it will only be for back carries, i’d suggest the contoured Neo shoulder straps. Neo straps will work for a front carry, but require the chest strap, as they are unable to be crossed in the back.
  4. Do you want a hood for sleep support or shade? Some body styles include a hood in the price, others don’t. You can see the previous post to see which include it. But you can get a hood on any Dream Carrier.
  5. Decide if you want a padded(softer) or structured(firm) waist. With a padded waist you can wear the carrier apron or non apron. With the structured waist it is worn non apron style. Both waists are available as contoured or straight. This is a personal preference for customers. I’ve been told contoured waists work well for most people. A structured waist will give you more support for heavier babies.

Those are the main selections you’ll have to make if you get a custom Dream Carrier.

There are a handful of other ‘add-ons’ that will be available as well.

  • Webbing or Fabric Chest Strap(webbing chest strap included with the standard Neo)
  • Applique or Embroidery work
  • Roll up storage strap
  • Elastic for rolling up loose webbing(only included on the Neo)
  • Toy/key loop

I hope this helps when trying to figure out what to order on your custom Dream Carrier. 🙂