To place a custom order, you need to purchase a custom slot.

Custom slots are stocked on a weekly basis.

CLICK HERE to order your own custom Dream Carrier!

Current turn around time is approximately 5-6 weeks.

You can use the information on these pages to plan your custom Dream Carrier.

There are two types of customs. One is where you choose from my fabric selection and I make it for you according to your selections. The second would be with your fabric that you send me.

If you want to send your own print fabric, you must source your fabric yourself. I will not order fabric for you. A minimum of 1 yd is needed.  A list of online fabric stores is listed in the Yahoo group if you are looking for a print to send in.  Once you purchase your custom slot, I will send you my address.  You may have the print fabric shipped directly to me.

If you are interested in ordering your own strap fabric to have shipped to me, you can order any of them from these following categories-

Organic Canvas
Brushed Canvas
Brushed Twill
Chino Twill
Brushed Bull Denim- 9oz
Brushed Bull Denim- 12oz

If you choose to order your own strap fabric, One yard will work for a Full Buckle DC.  If you are having a MT or Half Buckle made, you will need 3 yards.

If you choose to do this, I will deduct $10 from your order for sending in your own strap fabric.

Sorry there is no discount for sending in your own print fabric.
If you want to use my in stock fabric, you need to choose from my strap fabric selection.
I will only accept strap fabric from the above links. This is mainly for safety reasons. Not all fabric is suitable for straps.
I do not work with corduroy straps, however I will use corduroy on the body.

Below you will find a sample of a custom order form. This is to help you plan your custom Dream Carrier.

  • Body Style- Original, Petite Toddler, or Toddler
  • Carrier Style- Mei Tai, Half Buckle or Full Buckle
  • Waist Style- Padded or Structured(one or three piece structured)
  • Contoured or Straight 3pc structured waist
  • Print fabric- you can choose from my fabric selection or send in a favorite print of your own.  I also have additional print fabric here. Please check with me on your print fabric selection if you are choosing from my website.  I am low on some prints.
  • Strap fabric– choose from my selection or order your own from the links above.
  • A hood if you choose the Original style(+$10-15).  Petite Toddler & Toddler styles come with the hood with the print on one side. The print can be added to the second side for $5(unless  you are sending in a print, then there is no charge for the print on both sides).
  • Hood Style- Choose from the regular flat hood(+$10 print on one side,+$15 print on both sides), or the new hoodie style($15 print on one side, +$20 print on both sides).
  • Hood applique ($15+)
  • Shoulder Strap Style- Contoured Neo shoulder straps(+$5) or straight straps.
  • Shoulder Buckle Style- Dual adjustable(+$2) or single adjust 1.5in shoulder strap buckles.
  • Waist Pocket- +$15
  • Special sizing- if needed for petite or plus size.  I can shorten or lengthen the straps.  I do not customize the carrier body size.

Seat darts are standard on all Dream Carriers.