Product Information

Pricing Info for the 16in Original Baby Size Mei Tai, Buckle Tai & Soft Structured Dream Carrier:

Mei Tai- $100
Half Waist Buckle- $100
Half Shoulder Buckle- $100
Full Buckle Tai- $100
Soft Structured Dream Carrier- $100

Pricing Info for the Dream Carrier Neo:

16in Original Neo- $115
18in Original Neo- $120
20in Original Neo- $130
16in or 17in Petite Toddler Neo- $140
18in Toddler Neo- $145

Pricing Info for the 16in or 17in Petite Toddler & 18in Toddler Dream Carrier:

Petite Toddler Mei Tai- $125
Petite Toddler Half Buckle- $125
Petite Toddler Full Buckle- $125

Toddler Mei Tai- $130
Toddler Half Buckle- $130
Toddler Full Buckle- $130

Pricing Info for the DC Wrap Transformation:

Full Buckle Wrap Transformation- $115
Half Buckle Wrap Transformation- $105

Additional options:

add a hood (original only, Petite Toddler & Toddler includes a hood-print on one side, add $5 for the print on both sides)- $10
print on both sides of the hood- $15
hood with applique- $15 & up depending on the design
add a fabric chest strap- $13

add a webbing chest strap- $9
add a waist pocket- $15 (only available on the 3pc structured waist band)
wrap shoulder straps(only available on the MT or HWB)- $10
XL MT straps(Standard length is now 80in!)(you pick the size- up to 95in long)- $8
Applique $15 & up
Organic or Hemp Straps- $15(FBT)-$25(HBT & MT)
Silk lining- $10

Shipping & Handling:

Orders are shipped out within 2-3 business days of payment.  If there is a shipping delay, you will be notified.
Shipping to the US and Canada is $10.20. I ship Priority mail to the US and First Class International to Canada. Delivery Confirmation is included within the US.  First Class International is not able to be insured.  If you would like insurance, you need to upgrade to Priority International shipping. Priority International to Canada is $26.95, please add $2.75 for insurance.  Priority International shipping to all other countries is $34, please add $2.75 for insurance.

For more information on the different types of Dream Carriers, please click on the photo links on the left.

At Dream Carriers we offer a modern take on the traditional Mei Tai. With a contoured design, leg padding, seat darts & a padded waist, it is an ideal carrier that can be used from birth to preschool! And if you happen to be intimidated by the straps on a Mei Tai, or you just want a quick on & off carrier, we also make three different buckle carriers- The Dream Carrier Buckle Tai, The Soft Structured Dream Carrier & The Neo.  We offer five body sizes- The 16in or 18in Original Baby Size Design, The 16in or 17in Petite Toddler Dream Carrier & The 18in Toddler Dream Carrier. All five designs are available as a Mei Tai, Buckle Tai, Soft Structured Carrier or Neo. We also offer Half & Full Buckle Wrap Transformations in the above designs.

Here is a comparison chart to help you decide which Dream Carrier will work for you.

Dream Carrier Buckle Tai Dream Carrier SSDC Dream Carrier Neo
This Carrier is for you if: You are looking for a carrier that wears like a Mei Tai, but has buckles instead of tie straps.  The Dream Carrier BT comes with a soft padded waistband that is designed to be worn apron style at the wearer’s waist.  The DCBT comes with straight padded shoulder straps that buckle at the side of the carrier body. You are looking for a carrier with buckles and a supportive, structured waistband.  The SSDC is designed to be worn non- apron style, at the wearer’s hips. 

This places more of the child’s weight on your hips vs. your shoulders or back.  The SSDC comes with straight padded shoulder straps that buckle at the side of the carrier body.

You are looking for a carrier with contoured shoulder straps & a supportive, structured waistband.  The contoured straps are a dream for back carries, eliminating underarm rub that can occur with straight straps.  The 3 piece structured waistband is designed to be worn non-apron style, on the wearer’s hips.  The Neo also works well with narrow shoulders.
Suggested age range: 6wks – 2yrs 4mo & up 4mo & up
Suggested weight limit: 35lbs 45lbs 45lbs
Front Carry: Yes, by crossing the shoulder straps in the back. Yes, by crossing the shoulder straps in the back. Yes, without crossing the straps, using the chest strap.
Back Carry: Yes Yes Yes
Breastfeeding: Yes, very easy!  In a front carry, just loosen the shoulder straps and lower the baby until their head is at chest level. Yes, very easy!  In a front carry, just loosen the shoulder straps and lower the baby until their head is at chest level. OK, since this is primarily a back carrier, I wouldn’t recommend the Neo for breastfeeding in, but it can be done in a front carry.
Chest Strap: Not needed for front carry, can be used with back carries.  Not included, can be purchased separately. Not needed for front carry, can be used with back carries.  Not included, can be purchased separately. Needed for a front carry.  Optional for back carries.  Chest strap is included with the Neo.

DC Half Buckle Wrap Transformation Info:

The DC half buckle wrap transformation is when you send me a wrap(4.6+) and I transform it into a half buckle Dream Carrier using your wrap. All Dream Carrier WT’s have a bottomweight inner layer that the straps and hood are attached to. This will cause less stress on the wrap and will make your carrier more durable. You do have the option of adding a print fabric to the body and/or hood as well as hemp silk lining for the hood and body. For the DC HBWC you get to customize your half buckle. Here are your customization choices-

  • Padded Mei Tai straps or Wrap straps
  • Preferred shoulder strap length
  • Original, Petite Toddler or Toddler body style
  • Padded or structured waistband
  • Hood or hoodie
  • Hood applique available for an additional cost(+$15 & up)
  • Add a print to the body & hood (+ $10)

Full Buckle Wrap Transformation Info:

Dream Carriers offers a full buckle option for wrap transformations.
A minimum of 2.6m woven wrap is needed for a full buckle WT.
Here are the options you get to choose from for your full buckle WT.

  • Original, Petite Toddler or Toddler body style
  • Padded or straight structured waistband(1 or 3pc structured)
  • Hood or hoodie
  • Applique(+$15 & up)

Sizing for Dream Carrier Full Buckles & Mei Tais:

The 16in & 18in Original Full Buckle DC comes with 18in long shoulder straps with approx 22in of additional webbing & single adjust side release buckles.  The 16in, 17in PT & 18in Toddler Full Buckle DC’s come with 17in long shoulder straps with an additional 22in of webbing & single adjust side release buckles.

All Neo sizes come with standard 18in long shoulder straps, with dual adjust side release buckles and a total of 30in of additional webbing.

The standard waist size is 30in for all Dream Carriers, with an additional 30in of webbing.

If you purchase a custom slot these sizes are able to be customized to fit you better.  For example if you are petite, you may order a waist that adjusts down to 26in if needed, along with 16in long shoulder straps.

Mei Tais come in one size, unless you order XL straps.
Shoulder straps are 80in long and the waist strap is one continuous strap measuring 69in in total length.
XL straps would be anything longer than 80in up to 95in long(you choose the length).
Please email me if you have any questions! Thank you & Happy babywearing! 🙂

**All measurements are approximate and may vary slightly from carrier to carrier.

Carrier Care

Spot cleaning your carrier will be the easiest. If you need to wash the whole carrier, hand washing is recommended. Line dry and steam iron. Do not place your buckle carrier in the dryer.
If you have silk on your carrier, you Must hand wash your carrier on cold and line dry. You might want to use a color catcher if you have silk, since silk bleeds. I do prewash silk, but it may still bleed when you wash it. If you have any questions you can email me at



For custom orders I require a $50 NON refundable, NON transferable down payment.  If you purchase a custom slot and decide to cancel your order, you forfeit your downpayment.  When you purchase a custom slot, you have 14 days to enter your order info and to send in your fabric.  If I do not receive your order or fabric within 14 days of your slot being purchased, you forfeit your slot and down payment.  If you need more time, please email me to work something out.The balance will be due upon completion of the custom carrier.  Payment is preferred within 48hrs, but I realize life happens so if that is not possible, please request more time to pay.  If I haven’t heard from you within 14 days, I reserve the right to sell your custom carrier.

For your convenience I do accept all forms of Paypal. If you pay with an Echeck, your order will not ship until the Echeck clears. I do not accept checks and money orders at this time.

Returns/exchanges on custom orders:

For custom orders, If you notice a problem with your carrier, I will do an exchange for the same product within 14 days from the day you recieve it. I do not give refunds on custom orders. I must approve all exchanges by email.

In-stock returns:
I will accept returns within 30 days if you are unhappy with a product that was ‘in-stock’ when you purchased it. A refund will be given, less the cost of shipping. You will be responsible for shipping costs on the return. Items returned must be in new/unwashed condition. You must email me for approval prior to returning the carrier.

Seconds & gently used items are sold as-is and are non-returnable.

Customer service is a top priority for me, so if you are in any way unhappy with your carrier, please contact me at, so we can work things out. 🙂 Thank you!


As always when carrying your baby, please use common sense. Inspect your carrier prior to every use. Do not use your carrier if you notice any ripped seams or loose threads. The carrier is not intended for use over one hour. If you experience neck, shoulder or back pain, please discontinue use and reevaluate how you are wearing the carrier. Do not use the carrier while operating machinery, biking, or cooking. Dream Carriers, LLC does not accept any responsibility for anything that occurs through misuse or mishandling of the carrier.

If you have any questions on wearing your child, please email me at or see the wearing instruction page. Thank you.