The Original Dream Carrier Buckle Tai


The Original DC Buckle Tai has a lightly padded body & a padded waist, a curved top and does not include a hood or chest strap, but those can both be added on. The padded body and curved top offer a comfortable yet supportive carrier for your baby. The DC Buckle Tai is designed to be worn apron style on the wearers waist. It is possible to wear the Buckle Tai non-apron style on your hips. The Original DC is also known as the “Baby-size”. It is recommended for babies age 6wks & up to 4 yrs(although I have carried a seven year old in the baby size, though I would not recommend that. 🙂 I do suggest that you wait until the baby has full neck control and can hold his/her head up.

Features of the Original Baby Size Dream Carrier:

*A lightly padded contoured body- 20in tall(including the 4in wide waist strap), 17in wide at the top & bottom, 13in wide in the middle
*Partially padded 4in wide shoulder straps
*Leg padding
*Seat darts
*4in padded waist(you can request unpadded)
*Dual adjustable waist buckle & single adjustable shoulder strap buckles
*Optional Attached Hood (+$10 with print on one side)
*Optional Chest Strap (+$8)

Benefits of the Original Baby Size Dream Carrier:

*Contoured body has less bulk and fits the babies body. The narrow design allows you to roll the bottom for younger babies allowing them to be seated in the carrier with their legs out.
*4in wide padded shoulder straps offer extra comfort for you even while carrying your baby for longer periods of time.
*Leg padding keeps your baby’s legs comfy and from getting red marks while wearing them.
*Seat darts give the carrier a nice ‘seat’ for your baby
*Waist padding offers extra support for older babies, making it even more comfortable for you to carry your older child longer!
*Buckle waist and shoulder straps gives you a carrier that is easy to get on and off when you are out and about.
*Hood not only offers shade, but also head support for a sleeping baby.

Original Baby Size Dream Carrier Design:

DC Buckle Tai vs Soft Structured DC

Buckle tais, are like a mei tai carrier, but with buckles instead of straps that you tie. The DC buckle tai comes with a padded waist that is designed to be worn apron style at your waist. Where as the SSDC has a firmer, more structured waist that is designed to be worn non apron at your hips. Please email me if you have any questions about which Dream Carrier will work best for you.