Dream Carrier Mei Tai


At Dream Carriers we offer a modern take on the traditional Mei Tai. With a contoured design, seat darts, leg padding & a padded waist, it is an ideal carrier that can be used from birth to preschool!


Mei tais, also known as Asian baby carriers(ABC), have been around for centuries! This type of carrier is gaining popularity in the US. Mei tais evenly distribute the weight of the baby or toddler when you are wearing them making them extremly comfortable. You can use the mei tai from birth to approx 40lbs. It is also able to be worn numerous ways. You can do a front carry, hip carry, or back carry. Mei Tais are also great for dads!

The Dream Carrier Mei Tai is available in the Original, Petite Toddler & Toddler size. Pictured below is the Petite Toddler Mei Tai.

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Mei Tai vs Buckle Tai

A mei tai carrier is more adjustable to fit your body since you have complete control over how snug you get the waist and shoulder straps.
I started making buckle tais for myself because I live in Portland, OR. I Hated how dirty my straps would get everytime I had to put it on. I knew there had to be a way to add buckles to the carrier so I wouldn’t be dragging or dropping the straps through muddy puddles while getting my daughter on. I tried some SSC’s(soft structured carriers) that are on the market, but I Love the feel of a mei tai and I hated the thick waist that sits on your hips. So I started drawing up patterns for the DC BT. I use my mei tais for longer periods of carrying time and I keep my BT in the car for whenever I need to just pop my daughter on my back. 🙂
You do have the option of having *just* the waist buckle or *just* the shoulder buckles, leaving either the shoulder straps or waist straps to tie like a MT.