The Neo


The Neo is the newest Dream Carrier.  It comes with contoured shoulder straps, dual adjustable side release shoulder strap buckles, a supportive, structured 3 peice waist band(contoured or straight), a dual adjustable webbing chest strap(fabric chest strap available for an additional $5) & elastic at the webbing ends to roll up loose webbing.  You also have the option of adding a waist pocket to the Neo waist for an additional cost.   The Neo design is available in Dream Carrier’s five body styles;  16in or 18in Original, 16in or 17in Petite Toddler & 18in Toddler.
Please note- due to the Neo having contoured shoulder straps, the straps are unable to be crossed in the back when doing a front carry.  A chest strap is necessary for a front carry.

Dream Carrier Neo
The Dream Carrier Neo
Starting at $110