The Soft Structured Dream Carrier

The Soft Structured Dream Carrier is available with the 16in or 18in Original, 16in or 17in Petite Toddler or 18in Toddler body. The SSDC has a firm, yet soft & supportive 3pc structured waist band. This is a carrier that is meant to be worn non-apron on your hips, putting less weight on your shoulders and back. It can be used for front, hip or back carries. The SSDC comes in one size an should fit most people. The SSDC is able to be used with babies as young as 12wks & up to preschool!

Soft Structured Dream Carrier
Starting at $95

The Original SSDC

The Original SSDC uses the Original DC BT body design, but replaces the padded waist with a structured waist. It does not come with a hood or chest strap, but both can be added for an additional cost.

Petite Toddler Dream Carrier Info:

The Petite Toddler Dream Carrier is a shorter version of the Toddler design. The Body is approx 2in shorter, making it 16in tall plus the 4in waistband. This size works great for children 12mo & on up to preschool. I still carry my 3yr old in this size. We can actually use all three sizes, she just prefers the Petite Toddler size. It is roomier than the Original and short enough for her to ride arms out. The PT DC is available with a padded or structured waist. A hood with the print on one side is included with the Petite Toddler DC. Chest straps are sold seperately.


Toddler Dream Carrier Info:

I designed the Toddler Dream Carrier for anyone looking for a carrier that will fit larger toddlers. I would suggest the TDC for children 2yrs & up. The body of the carrier is approx 18in tall with a 4.5in structured waist band. The body of the carrier also has seat darts which allows the toddler to sit well in the carrier. The carrier is meant to be worn Non apron style on the wearer’s hips. The TDC does not come with a chest strap, but that is an additional option. The TDC is available with a padded or structured waist.

Below are examples of an Original, Petite Toddler & Toddler SSDC’s.

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